Contributing to the
world without biases

We research on innovative solutions for the global blockchain space’s infrastructure scalability and interoperability, and modeling the finances with adaptable identity and governance solutions for a decentralized space.



The ZK team focuses their research on Zero Knowledge Proofs, Interactive and Non-Interactive Proofs, STARKs, SNARKs and the cryptography behind these technologies.

ETH 2.0

The Eth 2.0 team actively contributes to Eth 2.0 client Loadstar and also researches on other parts of roadmap towards the new era.


The MEV team researches and develops MEV-based tools, smart contracts, bots, and products. They also collaborate with other groups working in the same space to contribute towards the ecosystem.


Dec 15, 2021

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Dec 11, 2021

MEV: Explain like I am 5 — Xord

What is MEV?

Dec 09, 2021

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